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We’ve Got Everyone Covered

It’s been a while, but King’s Land Surveying Solutions is back at the keyboard with a bit of useful info to help you through the day … Ok, it may not help you through the day, but it will definitely help you through your next survey without pulling your hair out. We pride ourselves on […]

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KLSS Nature Series

The blog is back! We were so sorry to leave you and we promise, we missed you, but as land surveyors, we just can’t be confined to the office. Our crew is usually out cooking in the hot Texas sun, but they shouldn’t get to have all the fun. That’s one of the reasons we […]

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Why You Need a Land Survey

Earlier in the week while trekking the vast virtual expanse that is the Internet, we stumbled across a very helpful article from the Blog that really got us thinking here at King’s Land Surveying. At KLSS, we behold the glorified title of Land Surveyors. The title is fairly self explanatory, but even though you may know what we do here, […]

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Order Quotes On Line

We hope that you like our new updated website! We are excited that our clients will be able to contact us faster and that we will be able to provide you with more information about land surveying services. Our Contact page will provide you with information to contact us directly by phone or by email. […]

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Happy Anniversary!

King’s Land Surveying is proud to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. Thank you to all our current and past clients! We look forward to another year serving our current and our future clients by providing a partnership relationship, easy accessibility at all levels, quick order process, and taking the time to address your concerns. Let […]

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