Interesting Find For KLSS Crew

Her majesty in the flesh ... or bark ...

Her majesty in the flesh … or bark …

One of the great — within a long list of many — things here at King’s Land Surveying is the dual role our crew members tend to take on from time to time. When you think KLSS, you should know we’re not just talking about land surveyors. We’ve got a team full of photographers, models, and for this week — historians.

While they were out hard at work in Liberty County, our boys stumbled across a little something special for the kids back home. Now, we bestow before you a partial snapshot of the big piece of wood that is Liberty County’s second oldest tree.

And while little is known about our big, brown oak, we think it’s a marvel having gotten so close to a little (or maybe not so little) piece of history. We also find it pretty cool that (thank you Google) oak trees on average have a 200 - 400 year lifespan, so it’s a comforting thought knowing that when we’re dragging our land surveying equipment around strapped to the back of our wheelchairs, this old coot will still be hanging around doing its tree thing.

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