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Interesting Find For KLSS Crew

One of the great — within a long list of many — things here at King’s Land Surveying is the dual role our crew members tend to take on from time to time. When you think KLSS, you should know we’re not just talking about land surveyors. We’ve got a team full of photographers, models, and […]

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What Are Your Boundaries?

Are you and your neighbor no longer friends? Are you at war with each other? Do you think their fence is on your property? Have they been driving on your property? If it seems like any of these circumstances apply to you, just know you’re not alone. We get many calls from neighbors who don’t […]

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We’ve Got Everyone Covered

It’s been a while, but King’s Land Surveying Solutions is back at the keyboard with a bit of useful info to help you through the day … Ok, it may not help you through the day, but it will definitely help you through your next survey without pulling your hair out. We pride ourselves on […]

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