Deer Park Conservation Efforts

You may have noticed from last week’s article that KLSS is all about loving the outdoors and protecting it, which is why (after running into Lisa Gray’s article) we couldn’t wait to jump on the opportunity to support the great happenings in Deer Park. We’ll back just about any righteous cause, no matter what county you’re in, and […]

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KLSS Nature Series

The blog is back! We were so sorry to leave you and we promise, we missed you, but as land surveyors, we just can’t be confined to the office. Our crew is usually out cooking in the hot Texas sun, but they shouldn’t get to have all the fun. That’s one of the reasons we […]

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Big Plans For Hotels Here

  We feel it’s important to keep up with our community here at King’s Land Surveying and earlier in the week a bit of interesting news came across our doorstep in the form of newsprint. We picked up a little informative article by Matt Stephens over at Community Impact Newspaper — The Woodlands Edition (You […]

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Survey Breakdown

“To provide a quality service that meets our client’s needs and time frame through communication, easy accessibility, and convenience.” Those are our words at King’s Land Surveying. In addition, we feel that an important part of “quality service” and “communication” is making sure you are well acquainted with the land surveying process. We’ve come to […]

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Why You Need a Land Survey

Earlier in the week while trekking the vast virtual expanse that is the Internet, we stumbled across a very helpful article from the Blog that really got us thinking here at King’s Land Surveying. At KLSS, we behold the glorified title of Land Surveyors. The title is fairly self explanatory, but even though you may know what we do here, […]

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Spring Creek Greenway Project

  We have exciting news for you from Kings Land Surveying Solutions! This weeks marks the beginning of coverage for a project near and dear to our hearts as land surveyors; the Spring Creek Greenway Project. We intend to be your source of information throughout the Greenway’s development, so without for further ado, let’s take […]

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KLSS Indepedence Day Special

In light of the upcoming fourth of July celebrations, here at KLSS, we’ve decided to kick off our own land surveying themed patriotic festivities. Featured in the History Channel’s How the States Got Their Shapes, we are proud to present to you (drum-roll please) Derby Line, Vermont! Total area: ~ 448 acres (a disappointing 0.7 sq miles) Total population: […]

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