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We have exciting news for you from Kings Land Surveying Solutions! This weeks marks the beginning of coverage for a project near and dear to our hearts as land surveyors; the Spring Creek Greenway Project. We intend to be your source of information throughout the Greenway’s development, so without for further ado, let’s take this opportunity to get you formally acquainted with such an amazing work taking place right here in our community.

“The Spring Creek Greenway will connect and protect up to 12,000 acres of forest on both sides of the Creek, preserving an ecological gem and creating a mecca for ecotourism, education, and outdoor recreation just north of Houston.”

Time for a quick history lesson:

Surprisingly, the Spring Creek Greenway is nothing new here in Spring. The project started out in the early 80s when Senator Jon Lindsay (Harris County judge at the time) purchased the 150 acres of land that would become Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center, Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, and the Cypresswood Golf Course. Spring Creek comprises the boundary between Harris and Montgomery county and some years later, Harris County Commissioner, Jerry Eversole, realizing the pristine beauty of the creek and its surrounding land, saw how devastating it would be if only Harris County preserved the creek’s southern edge without the cooperation of Montgomery County on the north side. Commissioner Eversole pursued the opportunity to preserve both sides of the creek and in 2004, the growing partnership between Harris and Montgomery County was formed with the help of Montgomery County’s Commissioner, Ed Chance.

So what’s happening with the Greenway now?

Bald Cypress Swamp

We had the opportunity to communicate with a man who has a been behind the preservation of the Greenway since its humble beginnings, Mr. Dennis Johnston, Harris County Precinct 4 Park Administrator, who was able to shed some light on the current progression of the Greenway.

“The parks department will be finishing up asphalt connections which were left out of Phase I & II between Jones Park and Pundt Park , so expect some inconveniences and closures on existing trail sections in late July as asphalt overlay construction takes place on small sections of Phase I & II.”

Even with that being said, the most important development as of now is Phase III. This portion of the project is expected to start in late August, end in early September, and last for 6 months. According to Mr. Johnston, with the completion of Phase III, the Greenway will feature a 10-foot wide trail that will go under Riley Fuzzel Road, linking Pundt Park to DJ Park with a trail head at DJ Park. Precinct 4 also completed surveys of two tracts of land that will be Phase IV of the project, which will connect Jones Park east to the Highway 59 pedestrian bridge that goes over into Forest Cove/Kingwood and the Park-n-Ride at Townsen Blvd. Phase V is just now being surveyed which will go west of I-45 to Gosling Rd.

In short, what all that means is, the boys over at Harris County are getting even closer to bringing the Spring Creek Greenway to fruition. With the completion of the Greenway Project you could horseback from Kingwood to the Woodlands Center or even kayak downstream from the Woodlands to Lake Houston Park or simply have a place to go and get away from the city. With your help — through donations, purchases, and conservation easements, Harris and Montgomery County plan to preserve 40 miles of forest along Spring Creek, eventually connecting even larger forest preserves by smaller “trunkline trails”.

Spring Creek

The important thing here is to realize how amazing a feat it is to have 12 - 15,000 acres of land left in its natural state, which is what the Spring Creek Greenway aims to do following its four guiding principles: Recreation, Education, Restoration, Preservation. There is so much more in store for the Greenway and King’s Land Surveying will continue to be your headquarters for information as we follow the development of this great work of nature!

All photos courtesy of Spring Creek Greenway.


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