A Day in the Life Of …

imageWe can imagine you guys wondering to yourselves,  “Just how exciting can land surveying be?” Well, take a look! Say hello to one of our party chiefs, Brandon Aruizu in the [literal] “heat” of the action. Brandon, here, is clearly wearing such a big smile across his face because he’s a pretty important fella’ with one of the coolest jobs on the planet. No suit and tie with the great outdoors for office space, that’s us! KLSS — where everyday is casual Friday! The earth is our oyster and, boy, don’t we enjoy it.

image (4)

It might get a little dirty and a lot hot, but we just take it all in stride. In the end, we get to swing a double-edged sword of knighthood; getting up close and personal with nature and providing help for those who would rather not be so close. If you’re one of the latter and what you see in these pictures looks like something you have no interest in tackling on your own, just remember, KLSS is here to set the boundaries you need in life.

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